This week was the first week of our Concept & Creation minor.

First of all, we have formed our group. We were with five people, but shortly Nathaniel joined our group.

You can find more information about the group members on this page!

We called ourselves the ‘Stroopwafels’. Why, do you ask? Well, we quickly noticed that the love for stroopwafels kept coming up in conversations! So, we named our group after the things that bond us!

We started with the brainstorm to come up with 100 ideas. We have chosen to go for 99 ideas, because we liked the number better and we like to stand out!

By having a lot of brainstorm sessions, we eventually came up with 99 brilliant ideas. The one more brilliant than the other, though!

By discussing and researching the ideas, we created a top 3 of our ideas! You will read more about this later!

Last, but not least, we have taken the time to do some teambuilding activities!

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