First of all, we started off the week by preparing our Pitches for the Dragons’ Den. We split up the team to prepare both pitches. We decided what we wanted to say and show during our pitch and we came up with possible questions that the Dragons might have. For the MovieMatcher pitch, we made a PowerPoint presentation with the outcome of our market research and survey.

The Dragons’ Den was on Wednesday. We presented both ideas and we thought it went quite well. Everyone was impressed by our pitch for the MovieMatcher, because we have prepared it very thoroughly. The Dragons gave us 3 red for the HDDN concept and 1 green & 2 red for the MovieMatcher.

We were a little bit worries about the outcome of the Dragons’ Den, because we were sure the MovieMatcher concept would score more green cards at the Dragons’ Den. That is why we had planned a meeting with Valerie. She thought the idea was very good and she thought that there was some miscommunication with the Dragons during the Dragons’ Den. Due to the miscommunication, they gave 2 red cards. This assured us that the idea was good, so we decided to proceed with the MovieMatcher.

After that we startes the preparations for the start of the development phase. We wrote down the pros and cons of the MovieMatcher concept and what solutions we have for the cons. After that we made a list of products and activities that have to be made or done for the project. Also, we had a brainstorm session about the functionalities that should be in the MovieMatcher. Based on this, we can create the requirements.

After the holiday, we have new energy to start the development phase!

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