First of all, we started a new sprint this week. This is our second sprint. Not everything from the first sprint was done, so we will continue with these items.

We have also done our first retrospective. We did this by sticking post-its on a whiteboard at a category:
Sun: This was good for the team
Ship: This was good for the product
Anchor: This held us back

The result is shown below:



This sprint, we are going to work on the following items:

  • Being more productive by giving each other freedom in choosing your workplace
  • Improving discussions so we can make a decision more quickly
  • Doing a stand-up everyday and focus more on our daily goals
  • Keeping documents updated
  • Do a teambuilding activity more often

We also started the preparations for the teasing phase. Iulia made a planning of activities that have to be done during the teasing phase, including the assets we need for that. We also have created our Facebook page, that we are going to publish at the start of the teasing phase. We will start the teasing phase around 20 before the launch of our product.

This week we created images with the interesting statistics and facts about movies, so we can post them on our social media profiles. We also took time to take some photographs for our social media profiles and our website. This way, we don’t have to rely on expensive stock photos.

We received the feedback of Frank on our Business Plan on Wednesday. We have had a meeting with him to talk the feedback through and we are now busy with improving it, so we can deliver the final version next Tuesday.