We started this week by finishing our Business Plan and delivering it. After that, Bram and Nathaniel started working on updating the Functional Design.

Iulia left to Malta & Romania on Wednesday for work and to see her family.

We also continued the second week of our second sprint. This sprint, we have developed a working account system and we have started working on saving the user’s preferences. We want to do this by asking the user to pick at least 5 movies that he/she likes and has seen. Based on this, we will create a profile of the user. An additional optional step would be to pick more movies that he/she liked based on the movies given in the first step.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to finish everything that was planned for this sprint. For example, we were not able to start working on our algorithm yet. We will shift these items to the next sprint.

We have also been working on our Target Audience Study. Iulia did some research and wrote a part of it. Bram and Nathaniel have been busy checking and expanding it. We continue working on it, because we have to deliver it next Thursday.

Next week, we will start our third sprint in which we hope to start working on our algorithm.