So this week we started with a retrospective to see what was good for the group, good for the product and what held us back.

This sprint, Sander and Mike will continue with the development of the website, including the algorithm.

Iulia is still gone for this week but she will be back over the course of the next week.

The development guys fixed a lot of back end related stuff. Such as signing up, starting with the algorithm and a confirmation mail for the signup process of VUXE.

Nathaniel and Bram worked on the Functional Design and will continue working on the parts that Gerrit already made.

Gerrit worked on the front-end development, tweaked the homepage and worked on the add preferences part of our VUXE service.

We also met with Valerie and learned that this week was one of the hardest. But we pulled through! We actually did quite some work this week. There is a Dutch saying for this: “the exception confirms the statement.” We bit through the sour apple as a Dutchman might say.

We unfortunately did not eat stroopwafels this week and we hope to eat them next week and cover up our loss of last week.

We don’t have a video for this week, because our progress is not very interesting at the moment.