This week, we mostly have been busy with the development and the marketing.

Iulia came back from Romania, this week. That is why we have been busy putting the marketing plan into practice. Next week, we are starting the teasing campaign, so we started the preparations. We scheduled post on our Facebook page that will be posted when the Facebook page goes live, next Monday. We also scheduled a short newsletter about the launch of our Facebook page.

Our developers have been busy with developing a mailing system and they started working on the algorithm that will provide our movie recommendations. Also, the front-end development of Add Preferences is done and we changed some minor design issues.

We have also been busy with the functional design and with designing the skeleton layer of our UX for some use cases.

Additionally, we have written our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for the website.

Last but not least, we got a Virtual Private Server, this week. This enables us to host the website and the API.

Next week, we will enjoy our well earned holiday!