Hi again!

So after spending a longer weekend dancing on Liberation Day, we reunited on Tuesday to continue our progress for VUXE.

The Marketing team had a busy week implementing the Facebook campaign: we got some paid promotion so we can increase our fan base and the reach of our posts so that when we’ll finally launch the Beta version we’ll have some public to share the news with. Then we printed out 40 posters with 4 different graphics and placed them in every building on the Windesheim Campus.

Pics or it didn’t happen? Take a look:

And here are our 4 poster designs (click to enlarge):

Moreover, the Development team continued working on the algorithm and experimenting with trial and error. Also, they developed the email system for confirmation and password resets.

The Business Team helped with the technical design and also did some changes on our business model so that we might launch it as a freemium product and not rely solely on advertising from third party.

Last but not least, half of the team went for a small team building and the Windesheim Food Festival while the other went to McDonalds (you can’t beat food preferences, can you?!).

We also created another video this week!