This week started off with a few very hot days… This resulted in us not being very productive…

On Tuesday, Sander joined the Concept & Creation group to go to Walibi, where he has had a lot of fun!

The marketing & communication team planned in the scheduled posts for this week and the beginning of next week. They also finished collecting email addresses to send the press release to when we launch VUXE. We are also very happy to announce that our Facebook page has reached 200 likes already! Unfortunately, we saw that some posters of us were removed from the dedicated boards on campus.

The development team are very busy fitting all the pieces together to make the beta version work! They are mostly busy with fixing minor bugs, to make sure the beta version can be tested next week. The creative team is also busy with the front-end development.

The business and creative team started with the Usability Study this week. We hope to get the beta version ready soon, so we can perform usability tests on it.

Next week, we will start a new sprint. We will only be working two days, because of ascension day.