Wow, now that is definitely our shortest working week! Due to Dutch celebrations, we’re having the Thursday and Friday off, so we condensed all our work week in… 2 days.

We started the week with a coaching session with Frank in which we discussed about the state of our team: the atmosphere, the motivation, the deadlines. We tackled every subject patently, trying to identify the causes and the solutions.

Then we started working on VUXE, since the deadlines are coming.

The Marketing team scheduled the posts on Facebook for the upcoming week, contacted Win’ regarding our news in the newspaper and re-checked the press releases that are going to be sent to our Dutch database next week.

We also brainstormed ideas for Winnovation, as we would like to have a memorable booth.

The Development team came across some issues and took their time to fix it, so that we have a working product by the end of the semester.

The Business guys started working on the Usability document, since this is one important document that we have to hand in next week.

The Creative team worked on creating posters and flyers for Winnovation.

PS: We also took a professional group photo but that will be revealed only next week 🙂