We started off this week by attending the TEDx Zwolle event. Iulia is in the TEDx Zwolle team to do the marketing & communication, so she got us free tickets! There were a lot of inspiring speakers and interesting talks! We also got to do a beer and wine tasting and Bram and Sander fell in love with the BMW i3 & i8! We even witnessed a live marriage proposal on stage, which was very cool! They will probably need VUXE to make their marriage a success, though…

We have also sent our posters and flyers to the Winnovation team so they can be printed before Winnovation next Thursday.

On Wednesday we had enough energy to start working on the documents that had to be handed in this Friday. So, we finished the functional & technical design and the usability study. We handed them in on time!

Furthermore, we have been busy designing and developing the final screens to make the application work. Next week, we will work on finishing the application, so people can try it at Winnovation!

We had a good talk with our coach on Thursday, which caused a boost of motivation in the team.

On Friday, we sent the press release to the Dutch and Romanian press. We didn’t expect much, but we already got featured on Agora, one of the biggest tech websites of Romania!

Next week, we will prepare Winnovation and make sure the application is working. We will also hand in the portfolio and have our assessment on Friday!